Sydney's foremost Chinese Cooking School

Have you ever wished you could cook Chinese or Thai food or improve your standard ?

Well you can !

Harry's Chinese and Thai Cooking Classes have been famous in Sydney for 40 years making Harry's School one of the longest established in Sydney. Harry's courses are affordable as students pay as they attend - $30 per lesson - not for a complete course. Each lesson is a step by step demonstration and includes a full meal by sampling a generous helping of three popular authentic dishes. The lessons are held in an informal atmosphere and are entertaining and above all you will be able to cook for your family and friends within a few weeks.




We have five courses:

Basic Chinese Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

Sushi and Japanese Seafood

Special Cuisine

Advanced Chinese Cuisine

Click on the links above for a list of the dishes covered at each lesson.



Timetable for 2023StartFinishNo. of Weeks
Basic Chinese Cuisine
Class details
Wed 1 FebruaryWed 29 March9
Thai Cuisine
Class details
Wed 12 AprilWed 31 May8
Advanced Chinese Cuisine
Class details
To be advisedTo be advised7
Sushi and Tempura Seafood
Class details
Wed 7 JuneWed 7 June1
Special Cuisine
Class details
Wed 14 June2 August8



Our Courses

  • Each course (except Sushi) comprises 7, 8 or 9 weekly lessons each of which is separate and individual although they do follow a progressive pattern. However if you wish you may start at any stage during the course and make up for lessons missed when the course comes around again.

  • You only  pay $40 per lesson attended - not for a complete course.
    We are Sydney's only pay as you go cooking class !

BBQ pork bun


Our Lessons

  • Each lesson follows a theme but is separate and individual enabling you to attend selected or all lessons during a course. If you miss a lesson you can attend another session the same week or make it up on the next course. You can start at any lesson during the course.

  • You may attend all or selected lessons - pay only as you attend.

  • Lessons average 2 hours duration.

  • Tuition is $40 per lesson and is payable on attendance. Includes full meal !

  • Typed recipe sheet is provided for dishes covered at each lesson.
    (Advisable to bring a folder to store recipes !
    Bring a pad and pen to take additional hints and notes !)

  • Each lesson is a detailed step by step demonstration by Harry of three authentic dishes and you get to eat the dishes cooked. Hands on is not conducted due to time restraints and lack of facilities.

  • All utensils and ingredients used in the lessons are available for purchase if required.

  • Upon completion of each course a certificate of recognition is presented to each student.

Lesson TimesStartFinish
Wednesday daytime11.30am1.30pm
Wednesday evening6.30pm8.30pm
Students can alternate between the three sessions each week if required