Harry’s Courses

Basic Chinese Cuisine Course

Now running at 11.30am & 7pm, Wed 4 March and 7pm Thurs 5 March 2020
To enrol call Harry on 0415 469 330

Week No.ThemeDishes Covered
1RiceBoiled Rice
Fried Rice
Savoury Boiled Rice
Chicken Congee
2SoupsLong Soup
Instant Soup
Sweet Corn & Chicken Soup
Short Soup
Combination Soup
3Vegetables & NoodlesVermicelli Salad
Steamed Vegetables
'Yo-Choy' Chinese Greens
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Rice Noodles
4PorkSweet & Sour Pork
Barbecue Pork
Lettuce Packaged Pork (Sarng Choy Bow)
5BeefImperial Beef
Braised Marinated Beef with Star Anise
Beef & Black Bean
6ChickenBoneless Lemon Chicken
Red Cooked Chicken in Spiced Sauce
Chicken & Almonds/Cashews
7EntreesPrawn Cutlets
Chinese Savoury Bread
Dim Sims
8MiscellaneousBasic Thin Sauce
Fried Ice Cream Balls
Plain Cake Recipe
(for Ice Cream Balls or general use)
Surprise Patties
Stuffed Crab Claws
9MiscellaneousChinese Style Chow Mein
Ham & Seafood Rolls
Mongolian Lamb




dim sim



prawn cutlet


Thai Cuisine Course

Week No.ThemeDishes Covered
1MiscellaneousMixed Satays with Peanut Sauce
Sweet & Sour Cucumber Relish
Green Curry Chicken (Gaeng Keou Wan Gai)
Steamed Fish Fillets (Pla Ner Ng)
2MiscellaneousGalloping Horses (Maho)
Masaman Curry
Thai Fried Rice Noodles (Pad Thai)
3MiscellaneousHot & Sour Prawn Soup (Tom Yam Goong)
Beachcomber's Hot Plate (Combination Seafood)
Sweet & Sour Fried Crispy Vermicelli (Mee Crob)
4MiscellaneousSpicy Fish Cake (Tod Man Pla)
Cucumber Relish
Siamese Chicken in Coconut Cream
Thai Coconut Tart
5MiscellaneousFried Bean Sprouts (Pad Thua Ngork)
Thai Fried Rice (Khoa Phat)
Deep Fried Bananas in Taro Batter (Kluey Khaek)
6Miscellaneous Combination Seafood in 'Tater' Skins
Malaysian Beef Curry
Singapore Noodles
7MiscellaneousPumpkin & Coconut Milk Soup
Corn & Chicken Fritters
Sweet & Sour Fried Fish
Whole Pumpkin with Coconut Custard (Sangkaya Fak Tong)
8MiscellaneousThai Curry Puffs (Guri Pak)
Penang Meatballs
Sticky Rice with Mangos and/or Peaches
To enrol:
Call Harry on 0415 469 330

chicken satey


curry puff




Sushi and Japanese Seafood Course

Week No.ThemeDishes Covered
Tempura (Deep Fried Seafood and Vegetables)
Savoury Dips


Special Chinese Cuisine

Week No.ThemeDishes Covered
1MiscellaneousThai Spring Rolls (Po Pia Taud)
Laksa Lemak
Garlic Prawns
2Yum Cha 1Taste of a variety of finger food dishes
3Yum Cha 2Taste of a variety of finger food dishes
4MiscellaneousStir Fried Steak & Tomatoes
Steamed Eggs
Peking Duck in Pancakes
5MiscellaneousSpun Candied Noodles
Curried Prawns
6MiscellaneousSteamed Chinese Buns
Creamy Curried Prawns or Chicken
Braised Egg Noodles (Hokkien)
7Miscellaneous Butterfly Prawns
Salt & Pepper Squid/Prawns
Eight Jewel Duck
8MiscellaneousSteamed Fish Fillets
Lobster & Ginger Sauce
Crab with black Bean Sauce

Note: Due to the premium ingredients this lesson will be charged at $60.

beijing duck



salt and pepper squid



BBQ pork bun


Advanced Course
Week No.ThemeDishes Covered
Mini Spring Rolls
Satay Prawns
2 ChickenStuffed Chicken Wings
Grilled Chicken Wings or Pieces
Braised Honey-Soya Chicken Wings
Sweet & Sour Chicken Wings or Pieces
3 PorkBarbequed Pork Spare Ribs
Spicy Baked Stuffed Cucumbers
Pork & Plum Sauce
4Beef Satay Sticks
Stuffed Capsicum
Curry Beef
Beef with Oyster Sauce
5ChickenBraised with Chinese Vegetables
Crispy Skin Chicken
Ham & Chicken Rolls
6EggsGolden Egg Patties
Egg rolls
Soya Sauce Eggs
Combination Noodle Basket
7SeafoodSteamed Whole Fish
Honey Prawns
Combination Seafood

won ton




spring rolls




calamari balls